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DynaCox concept

The DynaCox hip concept

The original DynaCox® hip orthosis was the first dynamic hip abduction brace. The treatment concept is a functional combination of bandage and orthosis. The bandage provides compression and helps reduce excessive flexion of the hip. The orthosis offers containment by clever use of the counter forces generated by its pre-tensioned design.

The brace is constructed from three basic measurements and ensures a semi bespoke fit, allowing simple fine tuning for the clinician when supplying the brace. With the leg piece constructed at an abduction angle of 20°, even when the patient works against this force by adducting and flexing, the brace responds with a counter force through the femur pad to give the required containment.

This close fitting orthosis allows more normal movement and improved compliance, whilst helping return confidence to those unfortunate to have had, or who are at risk of a dislocation.


The normal wearing time for DynaCox® during the rehabilitation therapy is 24 hours a day for 12 weeks and should be reviewed at appropriate stages throughout the treatment. The combination of well thought out biomechanics and component design significantly reduces the risk of dislocation, whilst allowing normal muscle action to promote rehabilitation. The three point principle stabilises the hip joint, so that a static abduction position is replaced by a dynamic abduction guidance. The patient may therefore place the leg involved actively below the load line of the body weight and still enjoy protection from dislocation. The abductors are then put under strain with every step and atrophy can be avoided.

Evolution - A Modular Solution

With the constant pressures on bed space and the desire to discharge patients from hospital as soon as possible, there is now a modular DynaCox® solution that can be stored on site and supplied same day – Evolution. The new Evolution hip orthosis represents the consistent re-development and refinement of the dynamic hip orthosis DynaCox®. Whilst the proven effectiveness of the treatment concept has been sustained, both wearing comfort and ease of application have been significantly improved.

Clinical Study

The Dynamic Hip Orthosis 'DynaCox' in case of a tendency to dislocation after implantation of a hip endoprosthesis Prof. Dr. J. Heisel

The DynaCox® range

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