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Paediatric CDS

Paediatric orthotics


Brace Orthopaedic offers a wide range of colourful paediatric orthotics, many of which include the CDS® technology – Controlled Dynamic Stretch.

The CDS® principle applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to the structures limiting the range of motion (ROM) in order to stimulate the growth of the shortened tissue and increase the range of motion.

The combination of LLPS and active movement stimulates blood circulation in the contracted tissue in order to return it to a normal level of weight bearing and mobility. Through this physiological contracture treatment, fast results with high compliance are achieved.

All of the paediatric CDS products have been enhanced with a much smaller hinge to increase compliance in this patient group.

Brace Orthopaedic offers orthotic braces for children as:

  • Dynamic splints to treat orthopaedic and neurological joint contractures
  • Functional braces providing relief and limiting range of motion (ROM)

In order to treat various indications in children, Brace Orthopaedic provides both 'ready-made' orthoses and bespoke solutions for children who do not fit into the standard sizing range.

The braces for children can be ordered in a range of colour options to improve patient compliance.

The paediatric orthotics range

Brace Orthopaedic offers a wide range of paediatric products: