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BOA Ankle Brace BOA System

BOA Paediatric Ankle Brace

Adjustable, lightweight support


  • Ankle sprain/strain/dislocation
  • Injury to ankle ligaments
  • Repetitive ankle sprains
  • Painful ankle syndromes
  • After immobilisation in cast
  • Chronic ankle instability and inflammation
  • Protection in sport


  • This is a premium ankle brace, offering a high level of support whilst still being lightweight.
  • Fitting is quick and easy due to the BOA closure system. This allows adjustment at any time and also one handed don/doff. It is also the perfect solution for children who cannot yet tie their own laces.
  • The adjustable straps simulate a ‘figure of 8’ taping structure and allow the brace to address pronation or supination issues.
  • The open heel design enables same size shoe fit, with no need to size up.
  • It is finished with special pull tabs that make it easy to apply the brace.
  • The anatomic design provides compression and the PEHD plastic internal stiffener plates provide maximum stabilisation.

Mode of operation

The BOA Paediatric Ankle Brace can be used both during the injury healing period and as a preventive protection of the ankle during sports activities by the child.

The design of the orthosis allows it to be freely used in sports shoes and is perfectly suited to the everyday activity of the child, as well as in any situation requiring strong stabilisation of the ankle.

The use of an innovative BOA compression system and anatomical reinforcements allows the orthosis to be used as a basic replacement for heavy plaster and as a professional product that immobilises the ankle after dislocation.

The BOA Paediatric Ankle Brace has been specially designed for the youngest, therefore it guarantees the highest level of stabilisation and immobilisation.

The orthosis stabilises the ankle and works perfectly for immobilising the ankle in the post-traumatic period, post-operative period as well as prophylactically to prevent injuries.

BOA Ankle Brace Pull Straps

Size chart and product codes

Size Heel circumference Suitable for ages Product code
1 21 - 24 cm 2 - 6 years AM-OSS-03-CCA-1
2 24.5 - 27 cm 6 - 12 years AM-OSS-03-CCA-2


How to measure

measurement diagram

Heel circumference


Measure the circumference of the heel