unique orthopaedic devices
Step-on concept


Dynamic 'off-the-shelf' AFO

The unique feature of these off-the-shelf AFOs is that they are articulated and offer adjustable dorsiflexion assistance. They are also extremely lightweight, made from a highly versatile polypropylene that can be easily moulded to shape and trimmed to size by the clinician.

The Step-On AFOs facilitate essential functional movements during the gait cycle, while at the same time providing the precise amount of control required by each patient, and at every stage of their rehabilitation programme. The dorsiflexion is adjusted easily with an Allen Key that increases and decreases the spring tension within the hinge.

Step-On hinge

The superbly engineered Step-On hinge

Step-On allen key adjustment

Easy adjustment of spring tension with an Allen key

Key Step-On features include:

  • Articulated AFOs with hinges that allow ROM dorsiflexion 22° and plantarflexion 11°
  • Available with lateral, medial or bilateral hinges
  • Easily adjustable dorsiflexion allows continuous optimisation of gait biometrics through rehabilitation process
  • Extremely lightweight, polypropylene construction
  • Easily thermoformed to shape and trimmed back
  • High-quality liners and foam pads for enhanced skin integrity and comfort
  • Unilateral hinge AFOs fit easily in standard footwear – no need for larger shoe size

Product range

There are three AFO products: Step-On 100 LH, suitable for most cases of drop foot; and the Step-On 100 MH designed for patients with un-correctable varus and prominent lateral malleolus. Step-On 200, suitable for cases of drop-foot with excessive correctable varus/ valgus (supination/pronation) of the foot.