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MKS Lumbo – a modern interpretation of a chairback


The MKS Lumbo is a low profile semi-rigid LSO which falls between a regular corset type belt and a rigid anterior posterior lumbar brace. Commonly clients who need the additional support over a regular lumbar belt can often be over braced in a full-rigid LSO for safety, but the Lumbo plugs the transition to fully-rigid support perfectly. We like to think of it as a much improved chairback brace.

What the MKS Lumbo has done, is build upon the original chairback architecture of a posterior rigid para spinal frame and a compressive anterior section; but in reality that is where the similarity ends. The changes that make it standout as a modern reinvention are material choices. We find for clients who require semi-rigid posterior support, additional pelvic and lateral trunk control, and a lowered front for sitting comfort – the Lumbo is ideal.

The flexible plastic is a much improved idea over a fixed rigid posterior frame; which can often be impinging due to non-conformance to the torso. The plastic frame is available in two heights and anatomically shaped at the sides to prevent migration in sitting. This is further enhanced by each side having lateral v fulcrum straps to ensure straps are anchored into the waist, exerting a 3-point correction of the vertebral column; this in turn increases intra-abdominal pressure effectively. The added flexibility is especially helpful to a changing circumference, to be more specific palliative clients.

MKS Lumbo

MKS Lumbo

The 360 degree compressive garment is internal to the frame, which makes the brace feel much more cohesive, stabilises soft tissue, and is an excellent interface for the skin against the frame. As with most of the MKS range, Lumbo incorporates the same simple hook and loop overlap, with convenient hand pockets. This facilitates an easy and repeatable 2-step donning process, making independent donning for clients demonstrating reduced upper limb dexterity or reduced cognitive ability less of a challenge. In addition to two heights, the elastic bandage comes in 2 sizes, simple to size with no option paralysis.

As a guide we would say Lumbo is ideal in cases of:
•    Severe lower back pain
•    Severe lumbar sciatica
•    Spondylolisthesis
•    Facet syndrome
•    Spinal stenosis
•    Vertebral body fractures (suitable for a single column minor stable wedge compression fracture, anterior and minimal middle column  involvement L3/L4 with intact interspinous ligaments, where by a TLSO can not be fitted/tolerated, or neuro/ ortho opinion is for pain only)

For more information about the MKS Lumbo or to arrange a demo please contact the customer services team on 0191 258 8944 or email sales@braceorthopaedic.co.uk