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Bespoke Paediatric CDS contracture braces now a reality.


North-East based Brace Orthopaedic has seen an ever-increasing demand over recent months for both smaller braces and those whose measurements do not comply with the standard range of stock CDS contracture products available for children.

After receiving a number of requests from clinicians, Brace Orthopaedic identified the opportunity to provide bespoke contracture braces for paediatric patients and by working closely with Albrecht their German manufacturing partner, have made these products a reality.

The made to measure braces are for patients with either an extension or flexion contracture and apply a continual passive stretch to regain range.  To date all requests received have been for extension braces and across all product types – knee, ankle and elbow.

Cathryn Tong, Operations Manager said ‘After noticing a substantial increase in enquiries for this type of solution within the paediatric market, it was frustrating that we could not supply exactly what our customers wanted.  By solving this problem we are now able to provide bespoke braces usually within 10 days, which I think is a great outcome”.

Cathryn added “Often younger patients are too tiny to fit into the smallest ‘off-the-shelf’ options meaning that they need to wait until they have grown sufficiently to fit within them.  However, this could mean their contracture may worsen or be more difficult to treat. By being able to provide the bespoke brace almost immediately, we are ensuring that the attending clinician is able to start their treatment much earlier”.

The CDS (Controlled Dynamic Stretch) range of dynamic spring-loaded orthoses can be used to treat joint contractures caused by both neurological and orthopaedic conditions. The shortening of the tissue surrounding the joint decreases the range of motion, affecting the patient’s everyday life. Therefore, the CDS concept aims to increase the range of motion without pain by applying a constant and appropriate low load prolonged stretch (LLPS).

If you would like to hear more about Brace Orthopaedic’s range of CDS braces, please call Customer Services on 0191 258 8944 where Cathryn or Iain would be delighted to help.  Alternatively, please visit our website at www.braceorthopaedic.co.uk