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Brace Orthopaedic donate HypexLite ROM knee braces to Meththa Foundation UK


Brace Orthopaedic have recently been working in conjunction with the Meththa Foundation UK to donate a HypexLite ROM knee brace to a child with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in Sri Lanka.

For the last 20 years, Dr Panagamuwa, a recently retired NHS Consultant in Rehabilitation has worked with his charity, the Meththa Foundation UK and has been collecting used and new prosthetic and orthotic equipment from many centres in the UK.  He has utilised them for patients mainly in Sri Lanka, and until recently in Pakistan.  They have provided well over 5000 devices in this period.

Thinomi is a four-year old girl from Sri Lanka who suffers with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects the connective tissue in her body, resulting in significant joint laxity, as well as other problems. All of her joints are hypermobile, but the right knee is worst, so her parents were concerned about the knee valgus when she was walking.

Thinomi has had previous surgery which did not help, and also tried using a knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), however she had trouble getting used to it. Dr Panagamuwa, who has been following her since 2016, then approached Brace Orthopaedic to request a paediatric HypexLite ROM knee brace to try with Thinomi. Brace Orthopaedic donated the brace Thinomi required, and this was fitted by the orthotic team in September 2017.

Dr Panagamuwa’s said: “The brace has made a significant improvement to Thinomi’s gait and she uses it all the time for all normal childhood activities, limited only mildly by the laxity in the rest of the limb joints on both sides.  Having a well-padded and free pair of joints stabilises her knee and allows freedom of movement.  Leaving the ankle free is definitely an asset for easy walking. The thigh and leg sections, made with soft plastic and velcro straps, allow her to wear it comfortably as she wishes.  It also gives us the freedom to custom-make them later if needed, as she grows.  The only down side is the bulky nature of the knee joints.  Otherwise, it is perfect.”

Thinomi’s father has also reported that she now wears the brace as routine, including at pre-school since she finds it more comfortable than the KAFO.

Brace Orthopaedic are pleased to announce that the new generation HypexLite ROM knee braces will be released in the next few months, with new, much smaller hinges.

If you would like to hear more about HypexLite ROM knee braces or indeed any of the Brace Orthopaedic unique range of products, please call Customer Services on 0191 258 8944 where Cathryn or Iain would be delighted to help.  Alternatively, please visit our website at www.braceorthopaedic.co.uk

Thinomi BEFORE the fitting of the HypexLite ROM knee brace

Thinomi AFTER the fitting of the HypexLite ROM knee brace