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Brace Orthopaedic has partnered PhysioFunction to provide Step-On AFO’s


PhysioFunction is a leading private provider of neurological rehabilitation services. Throughout the country, their clinics offer rehabilitation protocols offered by specialised therapists.  This coupled with their access to the most advanced rehabilitation technologies further enhances their rehabilitation potential.

Brace Orthopaedic has recently partnered with PhysioFunction, who have included the Step-On ankle-foot-orthoses (AFOs) along with other orthotic devices in their care pathway for people with drop-foot developed as a result of various neurological conditions.

Alex Falkonakis, Sales Manager who leads the Step-On products for Brace Orthopaedic, visited the PhysioFunction’s headquarters in Northampton last week. He met with Claire Everett, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist at PhysioFunction and discussed the various features of Step-On, and how they can benefit patients in various applications.

Alex Falkonakis, Sales Manager at Brace Orthopaedic and Claire Everett, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist at PhysioFunction

Alex said “I was very pleased to meet with Claire. I was extremely impressed with the level of expertise offered by the therapists of PhysioFunction to their clients.  The way they incorporate advanced technologies in their care pathways is revolutionary. I believe that the biomechanical features of the Step-On AFO’s will help to further improve the walking ability of some of those clients.”

The Step-On range of products are extremely lightweight and made from a highly versatile polypropylene that can be heated and easily moulded to shape to fit the patient.

Step-On AFOs are unique because they offer adjustable dorsiflexion assistance. This enables them to facilitate essential functional movements during the gait cycle, while at the same time providing the precise amount of control required by each patient in relation to their condition or at every stage of their rehabilitation.