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Step-On AFO provides life-changing solution


Step-On is a unique family of dynamic AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses) for the treatment of drop foot, designed and manufactured by the European Orthopedic Centre in Greece.

Sofia is a 42-year old woman. One year ago she had a road traffic accident with multiple leg fractures, which damaged the peroneal nerve on her right leg and left her with a foot drop. After leaving the hospital she was fitted with a Step-On 100 Lateral Hinge AFO.

The video below shows Sofia walking with and without the brace, in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Sofia used to feel insecure about walking, worrying that she would fall, or that she would sprain her ankle due to the poor muscle control after the paralysis of the peroneal nerve.

Sofia can now walk significantly faster and with a better walking pattern when wearing the brace. Especially when walking outdoors her balance is greatly improved, making her feel safe.

The unique Step-On AFOs are extremely lightweight ‘off the shelf’ products, offering adjustable dorsi-flexion assistance.  They are made from a highly versatile polypropylene, which offers the possibility to easily heat and shape the brace to the patient (if beneficial).

The Step-On AFO family of products cover all options, with the Single Hinge products available with either Lateral (100 LH) or Medial (100 MH) hinges, and for those patients that require a more stable solution there is the Dual Hinge (200 DH) solution.

Step-On International manages the international rights outside of Greece.  To apply for distribution please contact Clive Mitchell by emailing clive@step-on-international.com or calling +44 (0)7967 603792.

For Step-On product information please visit: www.step-on-international.com