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Brace Orthopaedic attends the ACPIN conference.


The Association of Chartered Physiotherapy Interested in Neurology (ACPIN) Annual meeting is this year being held in Manchester and Brace Orthopaedic are delighted to be attending this conference. ACPIN is a professional body concerned with all aspects of physiotherapy relating to the needs of neurologically impaired adults.

Gary Barrett, National Sales Manager at Brace Orthopaedic explained, “the theme for this year‘s conference is ‘on the move’. We look forward to engaging with the delegates and discussing how we may be able to help their patients with our unique range of dynamic devices.”

“In particular we are showcasing the CDS braces which provide a controlled dynamic stretch for patients with either a flexion or extension contracture, treating the elbow, wrist, knee and ankle joints. These braces are available in adult and paediatric sizes. In addition, we have our innovative Step-On AFO’s for the treatment of drop foot. The unique feature of these AFO’s is that they are articulated and offer adjustable dorsiflexion assistance, while being off the shelf products. Step-On is particularly helpful for patient’s active daily living, by assisting them to walk up and down stairs, help them cope with uneven ground and in some cases driving a car may be possible. We hope that these two product ranges in particular can help this challenging group of patients get ‘on the move’ again.”