unique orthopaedic devices

How sourcing unique orthopaedic products can transform people’s lives


Every now and then, patients take the time and trouble to contact us at Brace Orthopaedic to extol the virtues of our products. This gives me immense satisfaction, as the whole purpose of Brace Orthopaedic is to source and supply unique orthopaedic braces and supports that have the potential to change people’s lives for the better.

Finding the right products to achieve this objective is a significant challenge, but it’s one that I’m committed to and I regularly travel internationally to find such opportunities. Three years ago I came across a Greek manufacturer with a product called Step-On – an ‘off-the-shelf’ AFO for the treatment of drop foot. It was a well-designed brace offering many advantages to others, but its standout feature was that it provided adjustable dorsiflexion assistance.

I quickly realised that Step-On was truly unique and had the potential to make a significant difference to people’s everyday lives. I am pleased to present here a patient’s real account of wearing Step-On.  His testimonial is a prime example of what we’re trying to achieve and confirmation that Step-On is revolutionary, and can make a substantial difference to the daily life of a user.

Stephen Seymour suffered a prolapsed disc in 2002 which resulted in spinal nerve damage causing drop foot. For nearly 16 years he’s struggled with his condition and not found the right brace to enable him to engage safely with his everyday life. A year ago, his Orthotist prescribed our Step-On 100LH and Stephen has never looked back.

Stephen Seymour:

“I’ve been prescribed different splints over the years and found them cumbersome and difficult to use and I more or less resigned myself to not being able to wear them.  I would often stumble and trip-over. But with Step-On it’s an entirely different story. It’s extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use. It’s lightweight and I can wear it inside my shoes and boots for work. Even though it’s lightweight and flexible – it’s still very durable, tough and well-made.

“The fit of Step-On is tailored to my needs, the adjustment of the hinge using the allen key is easy and effective. How I walk now is the best I’ve ever been able to walk since my injury. I would like to thank all concerned for Step-On and I highly recommend it. It has made a huge difference to my life and I’m sure it will help others like me with drop foot.”

The feedback we receive about Step-On from both clinicians and patients is remarkable and with it being the only ‘off-the-shelf’ AFO with adjustable dorsiflexion assistance, means that it’s in a category all of its own. Step-On is a truly unique product that makes a real difference to people’s lives – and I’m proud to be able to supply it.