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Brace Orthopaedic attends the MS Trust Conference 2018


Brace Orthopaedic’s Gary Barrett and Alex Falkonakis were delighted to attend the Multiple Sclerosis Trust Annual Conference this week, which was held in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The theme for this year’s conference was to focus on the needs of people with advanced MS and highlighting the importance of delivering holistic care to everyone with MS. It takes MS specialist nurses, MS Neurologists, therapists in MS (TiMS) and other AHPs with expertise in MS to provide and co-ordinate holistic care for people living with MS.

Gary Barrett, National Sales Manager at Brace Orthopaedic explained, “we had some excellent engagement with the TiMS, who were especially keen to learn more about Step-On, our active dynamic AFO. With its unique, adjustable dorsiflexion assistance, the AFO can be altered according to the patients’ needs and in the context of MS patients, (who can experience extreme fatigue) this can fluctuate throughout the course of a single day. Step-On is particularly helpful for patient’s active daily living, by assisting them to walk up and down stairs, help them cope with uneven ground and in some cases driving a car may be possible. We look forward to supporting therapists who work with MS patients in future and hope that our products can assist with their rehabilitation.”

If you would like to learn more about any of the Brace Orthopaedic portfolio of products, or to arrange a product presentation on the Step-On AFO’s, please call Customer Services on 0191 258 8944 or alternatively visit www.braceorthopaedic.co.uk/products/stepon.